Areas Of Barcelona: Where To Stay In The City

Being situation along the Iberian Peninsula it also contains natural beauty in the form of a beach with stunning accommodation options.

Barcelona is made up of many quarters, but there are four that would be of most interest to visitors to the city. Ciutat Vella is Barcelona’s old town. Barcelona prides itself on the preservation of its old Gothic Center and it is a treat to visit this area. It contains the old Barri Gotic where you will find many medieval buildings. Here you will see Barcelona’s famous maze of narrow streets and dark little alleys. The architecture of the buildings in this area typically dates to the 14th and 15th centuries. Here, you will also find the Cathedral which is considered Spain’s most remarkable Gothic building. The fortress wall that surrounded and protected Barcelona has been preserved in the Barri Gotic. The buildings of Ajuntament and the Palau de la Generalitat can be viewed here. The large square that the Gothic area is set around is an interesting place to visit and here you will find a lively market and may be lucky enough to catch some of the weekly dances of the sardana.

The Eixample is another of Barcelona’s quarters that is worth visiting. It is the modernist quarter and here you will find the large grid layout of Barcelona’s new infrastructure, as well as many examples of art nouveau-styled buildings. Barcelona is at the forefront of international tendencies and this area is an excellent place to see where the world is headed in terms of modernist architecture.

Gracia was once a working class neighborhood. It is now a very lively and somewhat gentrified area. In the middle of August there is a festival that takes place in this neighborhood. The streets are decorated and are filled with food, live music and parties that last through the night. Many restaurants are available in this quarter.

Barceloneta is historically a fisherman’s quarter and is interesting to visit. Barcelona contains many excellent museums and art galleries. If you are looking for a bit of culture, the museums are rich in Barcelona’s history and heritage and they have been modernized with many hands-on activities. Picasso Museum can be found in Barcelona and it houses some of the artist’s works.

If you prefer a relaxing holiday, Barcelona boasts over four kilometers of beautiful coastline. The city recently undertook a seafront recovery program and the beaches are now well worth a visit.

Most forms of holiday accommodation are available in Barcelona. From top quality hotels, to budget hotels, aparthotels and rental apartments. The cheapest accommodation options can be found in the old Barri Gotic quarter.

The hotels along the coastline book up very quickly and it may be difficult to find a room there unless you book well in advance. Fortunately, there are many Barcelona holiday apartments that can be found in the beachfront area, as well as in other areas of the city.

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Holiday Villas in Pattaya – Enjoy Your Vacations in Style

About half a century ago, Pattaya was an obscure fishing village in Thailand. Pattaya is located about 150 km to the south-east of Bangkok. At that time, the least number of tourists visited this place. Most of the tourists were residents of Bangkok who sought to spend their weekends there and as a result there was only average income from the tourism industry. The Vietnam War proved to be a turning point for the tourist market, as it was used as a Rest & Recreation Center by the US Forces. The U-Tapao Airport was constructed and hotels, various kinds of services, bars and shops were steadily growing.

Now the location has gone to such an extent that it has become the premier beach resort of Thailand. It is developed into a city with an individual existence with its own mayor and its own authority. Pattaya offers almost all facilities for all kinds of people. The prevailing natural ambience is the core in providing beauty for most other beach resorts. But Pattaya is different as it delivers the best of what is available to it. There may not be a better place for entertainment, recreation, fun and sightseeing. The variety on display in Pattaya offers a mind-blowing experience and you will never leave the location disappointed. There is a lot to make the children happily accommodated and full range of comforts available for the sports enthusiastic, couples of all ages searching for leisure and relaxation and those people looking for pleasant sunshine.

Once it is dark there is an unlimited amount of opportunities available for you. This includes options like open-air bars, nightclubs, cabaret shows and discos. The center of attraction after sunset is South Pattaya. If you don’t find it to match your tastes, don’t worry as there are much quieter and calm alternatives. Another key evening attraction is the multi-faceted shopping centers. Almost every center winds up late, so if you are dedicated enough you can bring home Thailand’s finest buys like silk, gems and jewelers, handicrafts and more. Almost all kinds of luxury items are available and one potential hiccup could be the availability of too many options to choose from.

Accommodation is possibly the trump card among all luxury resources available. It has Villas and apartments which suits people from any class of the economy. All kinds of residential comforts are in store which includes luxury hotels with private beaches, sea side hotels and bungalows and guest houses with moderate comfort. It is also an endless treasure for eating buffs. The abundance and variety in food items on display also make it a compelling destination. There is probably no other resort in this region which provides such a lot of choices in restaurants.

Traveling by bus is the easiest and widely accepted way to arrive Pattaya. Buses are ready to serve you every half an hour from Bangkok’s recently opened Airport and the Eastern and Northern Bus Terminal. The one-way fares are very economical. You can access the mini buses and baht buses to get around the central bay area. Vehicles of all types are available at affordable prices as well. If you are interested in being a bit acrobatic there is scope for that also. It has got excellent facility for those who are interested in diving and it is among the oldest diving centers in this part of Asia. Windsurfing, water skiing, sea walking, swim sunbathing, fishing, or making trips to the offshore islands are other options available for visitors.

Water scooters are ready for an enchanting journey through the bay and you can use motorcycles, cars or jeeps to enjoy the neighboring beaches or the luxuries outside the resort. Tennis lovers can have a good time at the courts of high class hotels. It is a heaven for golfers as there are 18 golf courses in nearby areas. Each of these comforts abides by the international standards. More entertainment possibilities on offer include bungee jumping, bowling alleys, snooker halls, shooting galleries and archery. is a vacation site for real time rentals of luxurious vacation villas in Phuket and Ko Samui, Thailand. Plan your dream vacation in Thailand, faster and easier than ever through with My Asian Villas – Luxury villa rentals in Phuket

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Argentina – Rebuilding For Tourism

Argentina’s economy has been rebounding since its near collapse in 2001, with an impressive growth rate of about 8% since Kirchner took office. Argentina has played a positive role in promoting human rights and democratic institutions in the hemisphere, particularly in Haiti. Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly educated population, a globally competitive agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base.

Argentina is bordered by Chile on the west, Bolivia and Paraguay on the north, Brazil and Uruguay on the northeast, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Argentina’s principal imports are machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, metals, plastics, and other manufactured goods. Argentina was the only country from Latin America to participate in the 1991 Gulf War under mandate of the United Nations. Argentina’s coastline varies between areas of sand dunes and cliffs. Argentina is a South American country, constituted as a federation of twenty-four provinces and an autonomous city.

Argentina is divided into four major natural regions: the Andes, the northern plains and Andes foothills, the Pampas, and Patagonia. Major sources and definitions Geography Second in South America only to Brazil in size and population, Argentina is a plain, rising from the Atlantic to the Chilean border and the towering Andes peaks. Mesopotamia, a broad, flat plain between the Parana and Uraguay Rivers in northern Argentina, is wet, swampy and extremely hot during the summer.

The name Argentina derives from the Spanish word for silver, which is what early Spanish explorers sought when they first reached the region in the sixteenth century. The best way to use imported electrical equipment in Argentina is to purchase an adapter once there. The dollar and the euro are very strong in Argentina as of early 2006, so this has indeed become a shopping paradise for tourists from these regions. The phone numbering plan in Argentina is hopelessly complicated for unexpecting foreigners.

Try to stay out of trouble and just remember that many people in the big cities of Argentina are dangerous. The Andes in Argentina contain advancing glaciers (in the south), and many toothy-edged peaks, as well as Cerro Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America. The climate of Argentina varies from subtropical in the north to cold and windswept in the south, with temperate and dry areas found throughout much of the country. Although Argentina has a variety of minerals, they are of local importance and are not completely adequate to support the country’s industries.

The economy was hurt by Brazil’s recession and currency devaluation in the late 1990s, but the pegging of the peso to the dollar combined with Argentina’s own economic problems resulted in economic collapse in 2001.

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