Top Five Yacht Charter Holidays Destinations

The summer months are not too far ahead, however, the weather is yet to catch up on that movement from blustering rainy winter into a warming relaxed spring. However long this takes, it still leaves many of us out of ideas on what to do for the summer holiday. You could take the ever-popular sun soaked beach holidays, or to try something new and active such as a yacht charter holiday. These days more people are becoming drawn to taking part in something interactive and fun.

Yacht charter holidays provide the best of both worlds, for people looking to relax and stay physically motivated. These are available bareboat or skippered depending on the level of experience people have with sailing holidays. Those who have had very little experience will find that sailing abroad will require plenty of knowledge and practise if you are intending on sailing on a bareboat yacht. Various courses are available for beginners to learn.

Beginners however, are restricted on where they can travel to on their own as years of experience and a recognised certificate in yacht chartering is needed to travel further into Asia and Australia. Yacht charter holidays do not however need experienced sailors as many are catered with experienced staff and substantial accommodation. Depending upon your budget you could enjoy a fully catered luxurious break whilst sailing to different coastal areas.

For those looking to go on a yacht charter holiday will most likely want to travel somewhere further than and warm. The most popular of all yacht charter holidays is Greece and Ionian islands. Here people are relaxed and free to sunbathe on the beach with fellow Ionian locals. Cyprus is possibly the Eastern most side of the Mediterranean, which is why it makes for a better yachting experience.

Ibiza has been tipped to be popular with yacht chartering amongst young people and families. As Ibiza is a club-happy island, with a side of impressive views and quiet serene areas for families to enjoy, this also makes for a good yachting holiday. Often these yachts can accommodate for party atmospheres and celebrations.

Canada is good for people looking to have yachting holiday that is relaxed and scenic. These come with Canadian motor yachts that are fully catered, but there are motor boats available for people who are looking to skip the boat themselves without any help. There are provisions made available for people who looking to learn some basic boating techniques.

Mexico is the next stop for yacht charter breaks. The Mexican yacht aims to entertain guests with exotic feast and musical fun, many of which are based on both the yacht and the beach. The beaches are kept sandy white and the sea turquoise blue, so there is more scope to enjoying the land when you fancy a quick dip and sunbathing time.

A Caribbean Yachting experience is above all the most pleasing and entertaining because of its rich vibrant and colourful culture with tasty and exotic cuisines. Furthermore, there is the abundant opportunity to enjoy a party on the beach with the relaxed and friendly locals.

The best experiences are ones that are experienced with someone, so if you are stuck for ideas this summer, there are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at yachting/sailing away.

Anna Stenning loves to go on yacht charter holidays, as this gives her the freedom to enjoy the seaview and stop off at a nearby beach for some time enjoying the sunshine.

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Planning The Return Journey With Your Luggage

So, you have successfully travelled abroad, and survived the experience. Now laden with an armful or two of wonderful souvenirs for yourself and your obligatory loved ones back home, you stare in open mouthed awe at the impossibly small case you brought with you. It seems almost impossible that you really managed to cram all of your items into that bag or case, and you shake your head in wonder that you never had the foresight to imagine that you might wish to return home with trophies of your visit. Where, pray, do they go?

We have almost certainly all found ourselves in this kind of situation, and the end result is usually a combination of cramming and shoving our belongings into our bag in any way they will go, regardless of the likely condition of them at the other end. The bag is almost certainly strained as close to breaking point as you dare go, and your carry on luggage now, instead of a single convenient shoulder bag, now has grown to a shoulder bag and three wieldy, delicate and fiddly carrier bags whose handles may, or may not survive the trip. At least one handle will snap, resulting in a constant battle for survival.

So, how does one plan for this eventuality before leaving for your trip in the first place? There are several tried and tested methods, and planning ahead, giving these methods a try will save you a great deal of effort later, and be far more likely to result in fewer breakages.

The first, and perhaps most obvious suggestion is to under pack on the outward journey. By deliberately leaving space in your case, you will find that not only will your packing at the end of your holiday be much quicker and easier, but you will have room for the souvenirs you have purchased. As a side note to this, when buying souvenirs, make sure you are not carried away, and bear in mind the room you have allowed yourself. The six foot suit of armour might look fantastic, and be at a tremendous price, but exactly where will it fit in your suitcase?

The second suggestion is to purchase a suitcase with an expanding side. These are becoming quite popular, and are readily available from most luggage specialists. The case itself has two zips – the main one that opens the whole case, and then a second zip running parallel, which allows an expanding side to increase the volume of your case by as much as 50%. This will allow you to pack your items in easily, and still have room for your new items.

A third suggestion is to plan to discard certain items you took with you. Many people pack cosmetics in specially bought plastic bottles which are smaller than the original jar, and holds just enough for the period you are away. These typically cost just a few pence, and at the end of your holiday, are mostly empty. For the sake of a few pence, why not bin them? This will help to increase the space. Plenty of people do the same thing with clothes, buying a few really cheap tops which they would not wear back home, and simply discard them at the end of their trip, or donate them to a charity shop or recycling centre.

The bottom line is this: plan. If you give the second packing experience which you can look forward to at the end of your trip some thought before you go away, you are more likely to ensure an easy, successful, quick and effective escape. Your souvenirs are far more likely to survive as well.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant about luggage, cruises, hotels, and shopping. You will find the best marketplace for luggage, cruises, hotels, and shopping at these sites for bags, luggage, hotels, cruises, and shopping.

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How To Pay Less For Your Cruise

It used to be the case that the idea of going on a cruise was something that only very rich people would do, and even then, only occasionally as a luxury. Today it is a different story. For some time now it has been the case that cruises are available to the ordinary traveler, and costs have dropped tremendously so that nearly everyone can experience a holiday on the seas, and many people go on cruises as a regular annual holiday.

What is it that has enabled this significant drop in prices, and provided the opportunity of going on a cruise holiday to everyone, even those on a tight budget? As with anything, if the demand is there, the supply increases, and today the demand is so high that new ships are regularly being built, and often the ships being constructed are bigger than ever, with more facilities, more accommodation and a size that rivals the largest hotel on land.

The single most influential factor in this rise to popularity and availability is the internet. Because of the much cheaper, quicker and wider access that cruise line companies have to an audience that likes a bargain, they are able to mass market cruises to a wider and wider audience. People around the world are keen to go on a cruise, and with flights from all over the globe dropping people at the port, or even people being collected from ports along the way, access to a single cruise is no longer something just for residents of one location or even country. The demand for each cruise has gone global, and this has both increased the overall demand, and decreased the overall cost.

Having said that, the lavish and extravagant options are still available for the elite who wish to spend tens of thousands of pounds hiring their own private state room, but for the average holiday maker it often represents a very affordable holiday. With the added benefit – compared to most holidays – that you pay one single price and then everything is included, accommodation, entertainment, food, drink and facilities, it becomes much easier to budget.

The initial price might seem higher than a standard hotel-based holiday on land, but when you take into consideration all the extra costs associated with a holiday, especially the food and drink, this can actually represent very little difference. Of course, the appeal is also that you are rarely limited in this respect, and if you choose you can almost spend the whole day in the restaurants sampling delicious food specially prepared on an almost round the clock taste experience at no extra cost!

The length of cruises has also reduced in some cases to provide these extra bargain cruises, and a short three or four night cruise holiday, which might simply take you across to one or two relatively nearby countries, might well only set you back by a few hundred pounds. I have even seen some weekend cruises advertised for under one hundred pounds per person!

Certainly, using the internet you can search for some fantastic deals, and it is certainly the place to begin to look for such. The best bargains can be those either booked very well ahead, or at the very last minute.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant about luggage, cruises, hotels, and shopping. You will find the best marketplace for luggage, cruises, hotels, and shopping at these sites for bags, luggage, cruises, experience, bargains, luxury, and shopping.

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